4 More Oath Keepers — Including an Army Veteran — Convicted of Sedition over Jan. 6

h/t SteveQuayle

Four members of the far-right Oath Keepers militia group were found guilty of seditious conspiracy by a federal jury Monday for their role in a plan to keep President Donald Trump in power by halting the certification of the 2020 election results.

Joseph Hackett, 52; Roberto Minuta, 38; David Moerschel, 45; and Edward Vallejo, 64, were all found guilty of seditious conspiracy, according to The Associated Press. The four were also convicted on a pair of conspiracy charges, as well as obstructing an official proceeding — the congressional election certification.

The verdict is the second in a series of trials stemming from the original 11 indictments that included the group’s leader, Stewart Rhodes. The results for these four men stand in contrast to the first trial, which ended with a sedition conviction for Rhodes and Kelly Meggs but split verdicts for the other three defendants and didn’t convict them of the sedition charge.

Experts who have studied the Oath Keepers, former members, and even Rhodes’ own estranged wife, Tasha Adams, have noted that the group targets veterans and used the credibility and leadership talent that they possessed to achieve its goals.

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1 year ago

Yet setting fire to DC to stop the inauguration of Trump was just fine and peaceful.
Not to mention AOC and her merry band of useful idiots storming the Capitol was peaceful.

If you’re useful to the party or a member you’re above the law.

Tragedy of the Commons

Sedition, my ass. They are patriots which this country was founded on.
The communist gov is committing sedition. Murder by cop, that’s a-okay,
hu? BLM, Antifa? Why aren’t they in prison? Because they are a part
of the communist gov. like Isis.
This is our country, built and paid for by White European Americans.

1 year ago

Read: Oathkeepers; Targeted Red written by a founding director and website moderator. Oathkeepers was never a militia and did stray from the original mission of Reach, Teach, and Inspire but not in a seditious or criminal way. Google Madisonville Hoax to see early persecution of Oathkeepers in 2010.
Zeb Blanchard Oathkeepers founding member

1 year ago

is it time yet? these bastards in the district of criminals are destroying patriot’s lives, not to mention the country. so again, is it time yet?

Yes, it is time
Yes, it is time
1 year ago
Reply to  kal