Republican US House leadership backs amnesty for illegals

Immigration Reformers and Concerned Citizens,

The Republican U.S. House leadership backs amnesty for nearly all illegal immigrants.

We are focusing on U.S. House Republicans from North Carolina, as Republicans are the majority party in the US House AND their leadership is pressing for an amnesty for illegals and even more foreign guest workers.  

See down below for their contact info.

Remember — in this action effort even though most U.S. House Republicans from NC are on our side, we want our U.S. House Republicans from North Carolina to put pressure on the Republican leadership in the U.S. House.  When you call or email, the message (their staff members normally answer the phone or answer emails) is somewhat simple as follows:

“Why does the Republican U.S. House leadership want to offer an amnesty to illegal immigrants in order to enforce our immigration laws?  (it’s an amnesty if illegals get to stay in the USA and receive legal work permits)  Secondly, only four per cent of illegals in the USA do farm work, so why is the Republican leadership more interested in helping illegal immigrants keep their jobs than helping citizens find jobs?  Thirdly, tell the Republican leadership we do NOT need more foreign guest workers, unemployed citizens need jobs.”

Go to this weblink just below to find your member of the U.S. House:

(remember we are focusing only on U.S. House Republicans from North Carolina —- Congressman GK Butterfield, David Price, Mike McIntyre, and Mel Watt are NOT Republicans)   (once at the website, type in your zip code in upper right corner to determine your member of the U.S. House)

Please send this email to your friends and associates.  Thank you.


Ron Woodard

(919) 460-8156

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