A Few Notes

Do we condemn anything that happened yesterday by those who marched on and took control of the Capitol?

Not one damned thing.

And we note that the only homicide occurred by the hands of Capitol Police, on an unarmed woman and military veteran protesting non-violently. Window-breaking, when last we looked, even in the federal code, is not a capital offense meriting the death penalty, let alone summary execution, and the mostly empty Senate Chamber is neither the President’s occupied bedroom, nor the SAC NORAD Command HQ.

Dear law enforcement, from dog catchers to Attorneys general,

If you’re not with us, you’re with the Terrorists. The People, just like the Marines, are “no better friends, and no worse enemies”. Your actions every day will mark you as one or the other of those to The People, whose Constitution you swore an oath to defend, from here on out, and there will be consequences to your choices. Harsh and permanent ones. We won’t be locking you up, nor holding trials (except the drumhead variety), and we won’t be taking prisoners, from here on out. You have now been properly negotiated with. You got away with “Just following orders” when you looked the other way for Leftard riots. Unlike them, we came in peace, but we’re pleading with you, with tears in our eyes: Fuck with us, and we’ll kill you all, and people will write about what happens for hundreds of years. You’ll get one chance, and the consequences to you will be swift, eternal, and irrevocable. You want to try policing an entire hostile nation in the service of jackbooted thuggery and a banana republic oligarchy, and think you’ll ever live to see a dime of your pension, think again. Choose wisely.

P.S. To the Capitol cop thug who fired that fatal shot: Go home and eat your gun, as a service to humanity. No, really. Just do it. You’re already dead to us, so why not make it official by your own hand?

But permit, please, now that the bodies have cooled, a few brief observations on what didn’t happen.


h/t WRSA

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1 year ago

Real warriors speak a language only they know. God bless and keep you as we go forward.