A First Take on the Benghazi Hearings

I am recording the Benghazi hearings for videos later tonight but there are some surprises.

1. The partisanship over a national tragedy is disgusting. Some Democrats are not even asking any questions but filibustering against attacks on the administration and Hillary Clinton.

Obvious Domestic Enemies

Elijah Cummings

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Carolyn Maloney

2. The Republicans are dancing around the issues: the pertinent and obvious questions are not being asked for political correctness. Good marks so far for Jason Chaffetz and John Mica.

3. The administration’s claims concerning a protest are an absolute lie.

4. The military and intelligence officers in the area during the attack were furious at being told to stand down.

5. The three men testifying are impeccable in their actions and credentials.

6. The administration actively pursued a coverup and directed people not to discuss the events of the attack.

7. The attack was never considered to be anything other than an attack. The ambassador’s body was not immediately retrieved from the hospital because it was believed to be another trap.

8. The president of Libya was marginalized by the Obama administration for telling the truth about the attack.

One observation:

There will be hell to pay for supporting Muslim terrorists to help Obama establish a new Caliphate with Erdogan.

Another later observation:

Both parties are continuing to coverup the reason that Stevens was in Benghazi: running guns to the the Muslim Brotherhood.

David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

I started watching and thought I would cry…will be watching later tonight. Thanks for recording.

9 years ago

Don’t hold your breath on the “hell to pay” expectation. This country no longer holds anyone responsible for anything. We have turned immorality into tolerance in our civic square. You can sum up the Democrat ass covering going in the hearing as boiling down to “Obama and Hillary may be unprincipled political operatives but they they are our operatives.” Put another way, “they may be lying thugs but they are our lying thugs.”

9 years ago

#4 would seem like a good reason to disregard orders.


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