A Good Read On PsyOps in Guerrilla Warfare

One of the most frequent questions I get, whether it’s in class, comments on posts, or in emails, is folks lamenting about what ‘they can be doing now’, normally resigned to the fact that the declining situation of US politics are outside their control. Not so. In fact, much can and should be done, with the more done today the better set our side will be tomorrow. Its important to recognize the parallels of our present state to the many failed states that have fallen to Communism before. For their side, it is yet another Revolution. And amid a desire for return to normalcy, the counter to that revolution is the lone answer. It begins with mindset and awareness, the groundwork for which can and should be laid now. Written in the mid 80s and released just two years ago, the CIA’s manual on Psychological Operations in Guerrilla Warfare is a good primer on the very real role Partisans should be playing.

In order to obtain the maximum results from the psychological operations in guerrilla warfare, every combatant should be as highly motivated to carry out propaganda face to face as he is a combatant. This means that the individual political awareness of the guerrilla of the reason for his struggle will be as acute as his ability to fight.

Written to train the Contras fighting the Revolutionary Sandinista Government in Nicaragua, the manual is a how-to in laying that necessary groundwork. In the last Advanced RTO Course we talked about some of the underground means by which guerrillas can accomplish this, drawing on the very real examples we find already at work in the domestic US among the hardline communist Left embedded around every college town. Among them are the creation of guerrilla radio stations using common off the shelf equipment while also creating a means to send clandestine messages to direct action and support cells who may only have an FM radio receiver.

As we’re seeing now with the blatant lies and misdirection spun by a Marxist-managed Congress, nothing will satisfy them until the will of the forgotten American Man has been cast aside. Make no mistake, Trump is the beginning, and any victory given to them is a greenlight towards the next step. And while what happens in the swamp is far outside your own purview, preparing your Area of Influence against the communists is directly within your control.

There’s a lot to be done now- and none of it includes waiting until they’re on your doorstep as the Fudds enjoy pointing out. What good is them on your doorstep going to do when they can just burn the house down? Your preparation includes a healthy supply of equipment, such as extra weaponsmags and ammomedical gearfood and training to actually use your gear in an effective way is a whole lot better.


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2 years ago

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.