A Long March Before Us – T.L. Davis

The truth is we need some form of “reset” to this nation if we are to survive as a bastion of liberty. That is what is so depressing about this election cycle. Romney will not dissolve the DHS, will not dismantle the Patriot Act and probably will not end Obamacare. Without those things being done, this nation cannot claim Constitutional legitimacy, it simply is not possible.

Our debts are a direct result of a government functioning outside its mandate, which is the Constitution. The Constitution limited what the government could do and while I understand that the states, when the Constitution was given more weight than it is today, often ran roughshod over those very same rights, it has not gotten better because the federal government has decided to take that role and twist the arms of state legislatures in order to do so.

All of this is an echo of the Reconstruction after the Civil War. The federal government cannot stand not to be in control of the states, lest they do something like secede.


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