A Nation Without Laws

A government of laws, and not of men

             John Adams

Our republic in on a precipice as the executive branch has taken over the roles of both the judicial and legislative branches. Through the use of executive orders and government regulations, this administration has fundamentally transformed our republic into a government based on men, not laws. The Department of Justice selectively pursues legal issues based on race, immigration status and the expansion of federal power.

The latest example of this administration’s policy toward selective enforcement of the law is the release of illegal aliens who were arrested for blocking traffic at an immigration rally in Charlotte, NC. The judge released the “illegal immigrants” with no bond. What part of illegal does the government not understand?  Based on this policy, what is the penalty for illegal aliens who vote? This is the real transparency that we were promised in 2008. It is also the same “justice” that Obama’s uncle received: he also was released from jail.

David DeGerolamo

Arrested immigration rally protesters expected to be freed today

All 10 of the young illegal immigrants arrested Tuesday on disorderly conduct charges at a protest are expected to be free today.

Seven of the defendants appeared in court Thursday by video from the jail. Mecklenburg District Judge Donald Cureton unsecured all their bonds – meaning they won’t have to put up any money to get out of jail.

Cureton warned them that they had to appear in court for their upcoming hearings in October.

“If you miss court, an order for your arrest will be issued,” the judge told one of the men.

Three of the men arrested at the rally were released from Mecklenburg County jail Wednesday night and spoke to reporters Thursday outside the courthouse.

Manuel Vasquez, 21, of Raleigh, said going to jail was worth the risk. “I hope we inspired the community,” he said.

Martin Rodriguez, 20, of Hamptonville, told reporters: “There was a risk…We were prepared for the worst.

“We are students. We are not criminals… This is our home.”


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