A Note from Your pResident

Friend —

There is another Republican debate tomorrow night, and I feel pretty bad for the fact-checkers who have to keep up with these candidates when they start to talk. Part of the reason these GOP presidential hopefuls have to say such crazy stuff is because they don’t have real records to run on.

We’ve got so many things to feel good about in this country, and it’s a shame when I hear the GOP candidates try to make people feel bad or scared, talking down to the country because it serves their politics. But what I heard during the first Democratic debate, and over the last few months from our outstanding candidates, is an optimistic vision about where our country can go if we set aside the politics of obstruction and fear mongering and instead roll up our sleeves and get to work.

That’s why it’s so important that we have committed supporters like you. And today, I’m asking you to pitch in a donation of $3 or more to help us get to our goal of 30,000 grassroots donations by the end of the month and keep laying the groundwork for 2016.

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If we work together, there is no problem we can’t solve. I really believe that. We’ve got more work to do, and we Democrats are the ones with the right ideas to get that work done.

Next November, I will be proud to stand with our nominee to help that person become our next president, and between now and then, we all need to invest in the party that is making our next electoral victory possible.

Barack Obama

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