A Passionate Republican Amnesty Advocate: Congresswoman Renee Ellmers

It’s not often that politicians insult their own constituents. It’s not often that a Republican congressperson slanders a respected national conservative commentator. And it’s not often that a Republican enjoys financial help from a billionaire left-winger. But the 2nd district of North Carolina has drawn the short end of the stick with GOP Representative Renee Ellmers. (North Carolina’s 2nd district includes Fort Bragg and all or part of Moore, Cumberland, and Wake counties.)

Ellmers insulted a group of constituents for expressing valid concerns about mass immigration, rudely lashed out at Laura Ingraham, then turned to liberal donor groups to help her primary campaign — an appeal that resulted in huge donations from Mark Zuckerberg.

In 2010, Ellmers (R-NC, 2nd district) rode the Tea Party wave into office, and identified herself with the grass roots. Now, after turning her back on the constituents who once supported her, she is in a heated primary fight against conservative Frank Roche. How did a Republicans from a red district become amnesty’s biggest Republican supporter? The simple answer is bad ideas and big money.


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