A Patriot’s Day History Lesson to the Government

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19 days ago

Amen and 100 % behind him — let those Tyrants take note

Anonymous Too
19 days ago

Let’s face it.. we’re where we were in 1775.. Just replace Boston with Washington DC (Fort Pelozi). Gates with Biden. They are truly worried that they will soon be out of power unless they take away our 2nd amendment. He knew if he didn’t attempt it they were in big trouble.Read Red Dawn at Lexington: “If They Mean to Have a War, Let It Begin Here!”. There are a lot of lessons learned here that can help in this battle and keep the states (and albeit republic) together… If only people studied history, we could have nipped this crap in the bud.

18 days ago

There is no stopping this. They are intentionally pushing patriots to fight back, so that when they do, they can drop the hammer hard, forcing confiscation, “for the good of all”, just like the things they did and the lies they told about Jan 6. The Chauvin verdict today is another example. They manipulated that verdict to intentionally piss off the red hats. If the patriots react, the hammer falls. There is no turning back, because they feel they have the wind at their backs, and they know that if they don’t act now, they won’t get this opportunity again. So I hope that there is some organization and thought being put into our reaction, because when that day comes, it has to be LARGE. It needs to be in multiple cities, and relentless. They WILL LOSE! Tyrants have a tendency to do that. It cannot happen soon enough for me.