A Response for Your Consideration

A little perspective on LT’s post “A Time to Kill“.

1. This post has become the most read post on this site in four days.

2. The post has generated the most comments for any post on this site.

The second point should not be overlooked. A very small majority of people post a comment on an article. And in this case, over 98% of the comments are positive. LT  (and I agreed) is approving all comments. Only cursing is editing as in the case below. What is very interesting to me personally are that the comments are becoming part of the article’s purpose. Outside references to this article are actually telling people to read the comments after it.

One of the few negative comments is shown here:

Tracy Roth says:
January 15, 2013 at 4:35 pm
Who let out all the loonies???? Oh, that’s right!!! The GOP has been gutting the mental health field for years! Explains it all. Bunch of f*cking crackheads on here.

The response to her viewpoint shows why people are reading the comments:

Dear Ms. Roth,

I will assume from your use of grammar and punctuation, that you are an uneducated young women.
I also have no doubt, that you have never served this country, nor put your life on the line for the greater good. Yet despite your appalling remarks, I sit and wonder if you even know what gives you the right to make such a post? As a Military Officer, I invite you to read the “Constitution of the United States of America”, to see exactly why you have the right to make such a post. Should you choose to do so, keep in mind, you are on the brink of losing those very rights. If I may, please read your State’s Constitution as well.

I am certain after you have had the opportunity to educate yourself, you will feel quite differently.
I hold a Masters from West Point as well as a PhD. What is transpiring before your very eyes is nothing short of Treason.
Please understand your rights. Why? Because Men and Women like myself are putting our lives on the line to protect the documents I hope you will read and understand.

United States Army, Lt. Col.
Military Police Officer, “Or as you stated, Bunch of f*cking crackheads on here.

Let reason dictate our actions with guidance from the Lord.

David DeGerolamo

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Gary Bertnick
8 years ago

Do you think the Sovereign God who is called the Author of Life has arms too short to sort out His creation? Do you think the One who brought true peace to mankind does not see the evil of those who collude with Lucifer, even in America? Be wise as serpents, cunning as snakes but gentle as lambs. Our enemy is not flesh and blood! Gary B. http://heavensees.wordpress.com

8 years ago

Thank you for your comments, Lt Col. I agree, some of these idiots that spout hate for our military have no clue of what the write and speak of.
Thank you for your service.

8 years ago

I wonder if Ms. Roth happens to be a jew.

Patrice Stanton
8 years ago

It never fails: when one has no coherent point or counterpoint to make simply throw some epithets (Tracy: that’s “mud,” honey).