A Right Is As Inalienable As A Finger – T.L. Davis

In the suddenly white-hot gun-rights debate it has become clear that most Americans, after decades of socialist indoctrination in our schools have not the remotest idea of what a right is. To them it is a debating point, i.e. “I know you have the right to guns, but that is out-dated and really not practical.”

The referenced statement is what I have been fighting against since 1986 when Colorado implemented a seat belt law (and I know I lose a lot of you on this topic, but bear me out). The seat belt law was my first encounter with the concept: “It’s a good idea and well, why not pass a law making a good idea a good law?”

Let me tell you what’s wrong with that. The seat belt law directly impacts Thomas Jefferson’s definition of liberty which is available at many sites online, but it states: Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others.

We are very close to the point where it is going to be time to shut up and fight. They have beaten the church, the Tea Party and the Republicans. What makes you think they will not take on gun owners?


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