A Sino-Russian Invasion of America? It Can’t Happen Here

Chinese Attack

During the crisis, reports continuously stream in from spies of continued attacks by forces loyal to Homeland Security against armed resistance by the American people, like a gargantuan zombie attempting to cannibalize its own right arm with the assistance of its left, the invasion forces know that the belligerent regime is tied up and distracted, and that the oppressed resistance is ripe for recruitment, training, and arming under command of invasion forces. After all, did not America do the same to Libya, Syria and countless others? Let them see what it’s like for once.

As Sun Tzu wrote, power possesses the properties of water. It by nature races into voids and low lying areas, filling them. It does not think before doing so, it is true to its own gravitic nature, obeying the laws that govern it. Where old power dies, new power flows in. Post collapse America will be as low as her one time greatness was once great. America will be ripe for invasion.

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