A State Without the Rule of Law

“They [illegal aliens] will be able to come in and get a driver’s license. We will know who they are,” Tata said. “They will have a license. They will have insurance, and it will make our roads safer.”

Tony Tata
NC State Transportation Secretary
appointed by new Republican Governor Pat McCrory

It appears that the concept of a Republic built on a foundation of the rule of law is not a concern under governor Pat McCrory (R) in North Carolina. But we can find solace in pending legislation banning the public exposure of a woman’s breast and restoring the “right” to drop a possum in Brasstown on New Year’s Eve. In the meantime, businesses will be penalized by paying more in unemployment taxes to pay off Gov. Bev’s $2.6 billion tax bill for accepting stimulus money (what a bargain that turned out to be).  And our state gas tax (37.5 cents per gallon) is the highest in the South but I doubt it will go down with any contribution by these newly minted “illegal” drivers.

David DeGerolamo

DMV will issue driver’s licenses to some illegal immigrants

State transportation officials announced Thursday that they will begin issuing driver’s licenses and ID cards March 25 to some immigrants who were brought to the United States illegally as children but qualify under a federal program that blocks deportation and grants work permits.

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program blocks deportation of and grants work permits to immigrants brought to the United States as minors without authorization. Eligible applicants include high school students, high school graduates, those with a GED and those who have served in the military and have no felony convictions or significant misdemeanors.

State Transportation Secretary Tony Tata said the issue comes down to accountability and safety. The decision, he said, balances the rights of lawful citizens and those who have a newly accorded lawful status under the DACA program and wish to become citizens.


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9 years ago

When I was young I got my drivers lic. I had to produce a birth certificate, Social Security card, and proof of my address. When I got a car I had to pay for the taxes, insurance, sticker and have proof of insurance.
Where are the illigals going to get the SS card, prove a birth certificate and valid address. How will they prove their name to be real?

Well, I guess if o’bama was able to get a birth certificate then some wet back can prove his existance too. Isn’t Conn. still passing out dead peoples SS cards or was that just a one day special?