A Summer of Fire

Save the American Dream is a great slogan for community organizers to offer “solidarity” to the people. The highlights from the Raleigh Rally show people being manipulated to support a cause that the unions are exploiting to extend their own power base.


As I recorded this rally, I could only think of one historical analogy: the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. The uneducated were blinded led to a brutal regime and massive civilian exterminations. The message was consistently packaged around collective bargaining and the speakers all agreed that our economic collapse was everyone’s fault except the the unions. They blamed the rich, Republicans, Democrats and the 250 patriots across the streets. The victims ranged from the poor, the middle class, public sector workers and school children.

Several facts were conveniently left out:

1. North Carolina owes $2.6 billion to the federal government for unemployment benefits.

2. North Carolina has a budget deficit of $3.7 billion dollars.

3. The state must balance its budget.

4. The producers can no longer support the looters: our economy is collapsing dues to social engineering and workfare.

5. Collective bargaining is just a convenient cause du jour to start civil unrest in North Carolina.

I will agree with Glenn Beck on what is happening in our country. The top down is causing civil unrest from the bottom up in order to take control of our nation. Civil unrest with $4/gallon gas, increasing food costs and high unemployment will give the United States a Summer of Fire.

David DeGerolamo

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10 years ago

Just watched the video. At least we don’t have to worry about them beating us with brains!