A Teachable Southern Moment

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Al Buckner
Al Buckner
8 months ago

WOW….Two very good video’s today and it’s only February 2nd…..now if Phil the groundhog mail in his shadow like his neighbors did their votes. We Screw another 6-weeks.
Anyway back to your video. Being born and raised in Virginia and now living in Michigan for the last upteen years. Manners and respect is something that I was taught and told it was something that will help you to get along in this life. I had two children a boy and a girl. I taught the same thing that I was taught, manners and respect. I’ve always told them you may not have the best education, you may not to learn everything that you will need in life. But you will have manners and respect and as long as you’re in my house you will learn to use them. You don’t have to say yes sir and no sir to me no ma’am and yes ma’am to your mother. But you will say yes or no and never I don’t reckon. But when you’re in school and out in public you will be respectful and use the correct grammar. To my surprise…..their teachers use to write on their report cards about their great manners(which I would show them and enforce how proud I was to be their parents). To this day at 29 and 31 years old, whenever we are out in public I still hear them being respectful.
So thank you again for another great video on common sense.
Have a great evening Sir!

Ace of Aces
Ace of Aces
8 months ago
Reply to  Al Buckner

Those living north of the 49th never got the memo. People would shake their heads and think ‘What’… Perhaps, that makes us uncouth, rude and barbaric. Us lady’s are lucky to get the door opened for us on the rare occasion. 🤣