A Two Week Intensive Training Program for an Entry Level Field Organizer in the Obama Revolution

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Friend —

If you’ve ever thought you might want to be a part of this campaign’s field staff, now’s your chance to learn more and apply.

We’ll be kicking off a two-week intensive training program where you can learn some of the core skills that entry-level field organizers need.

The academy will kick off with a training in Greensboro on April 21st. Then you’ll get to move to the region where you’ll work. You’ll learn about what it’s like to be a field organizer — what a day in the life is like, and the challenges and opportunities you’ll face.

This isn’t a job fair; it’s a training — so be prepared to learn skills that will help you qualify for an entry-level field staff role in our campaign.

Here are the details:

What: North Carolina Field Organizer Academy

When: Saturday, April 21st, through Saturday, May 5th


The deadline to apply is Tuesday, April 17th. If you’re accepted, we’ll send you the address of the training and the rest of the details.

Our organizing approach — reaching out person by person and block by block — was a huge part of how we won in 2008. And it’s a huge part of how we’ll re-elect President Obama and support Democrats up and down the ticket in 2012.

Field organizers bring new people into this movement. They help volunteers learn the ropes and organize their own communities and neighborhoods. If you take a role on the team, you’ll be the face of this campaign in the community where you work.

Apply to join us on Saturday, April 21st, to hear how we plan to grow the field team and how you can be a part of it:




Ashwin Chugh
North Carolina State Training Director
Organizing for America

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9 years ago


David Bryner
David Bryner
9 years ago

How much does it pay?