A warning from CIA veteran: Hezbollah has U.S. targets in its sights

Hezbollah soldiers

A former CIA operations officer offers a dire warning to America: A number of Iranian-backed Hezbollah sleeper cells are hiding in the dark shadows of the country.

Sam Faddis, a veteran of the CIA who witnessed Hezbollah up close for decades, tells OneNewsNow there are at least three cases of “long-term, very sophisticated, very well-trained operatives” who have been identified inside the United States.

In an exclusive interview, the retired CIA operations officer contends there is “absolutely no reason on earth” to conclude the number at work in the U.S. is only three.

Hezbollah, which traces its roots to Lebanon in the 1980s, was declared a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) by the U.S. State Department in 1997.

Faddis calls the Iran-sponsored terrorist organization a “very large, very robust, very active [terrorist] organization.”

Seeking a group’s intentions and observing their activities begets an intelligence operation, Faddis explains. Not only do intelligence agencies have the responsibility of “[recognizing] the sophistication and scope of what Hezbollah is intending, [but] a local community can also play a role in unraveling any kind of intelligence operation.”


h/t Jim Davis

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1 year ago

Is it a mere coincidence or a timely premonition that they’re playing this video today…of all days?

Titled: “Under Siege”

a follower
a follower
1 year ago

Well look at that, another reason to keep our guns, and our God given right to defend ourselves and our families.
We are not looking at mans government for “their approval.” enough said.

Rabbi Will
Rabbi Will
1 year ago
Reply to  a follower


1 year ago

Crudolla, that means I gotta carry two pistolas and more ammo on my person…

1 year ago

Thanks chiefly to the heroic and highly-dangerous undercover work and first-person investigation done by individuals such as Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, Brigitte Gabriel and ACT, as well as David Gaubatz and his colleagues, the federal government has known has known of the existence of jihadist training camps and compounds on American soil, at least since the 1990s.

The people listed above risked their lives to infiltrate mosques, community centers, camps and compounds, in order to develop and deliver actionable information about these shadowy groups -- especially evidence that they were planning terrorist/jihad acts within these places. Substantial evidence and information were obtained, yet virtually nothing has been done to raid these camps and other facilities and close them down. Why? Why the inaction?

We have a very large and very expensive so-called “national security apparatus” which costs billions in taxpayer funds to maintain, the FBI, CIA, DOJ, NSA, DHS, etc. -- which we are told protects us and keeps us safe. Well,taking that statement at face value, how can that be so when more than a dozen known terrorist training compounds are known to exist in the U.S. and have been known for years.

It is indeed possible, even probable, that the feds and state-level assets as well, have been infiltrated into these compounds, with the intent of gathering useful intelligence, etc. That’s well and good, but there is also a time to take some scalps and hang them on the wall -- and as far as this taxpayer can see, that hasn’t happened.

If these assorted agencies won’t or can’t take action to protect the U.S. public, then isn’t it fair to ask: Why do we need them at all? Isn’t it also fair to ask: When does silent inaction become complicity?