Action Alert – Contact Head of NCDMV

As you may or may not know, the NCDMV had started issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens ever since President Obama enacted his Deferred Action Program. The practice was stopped a couple of weeks ago until the NCDMV could get a ruling from NC Attorney General Roy Cooper, whether the illegal aliens qualified for one under NC law in conjunction with the President’s program.

Today (1/17/2013) the NC Attorney General ruled that illegal aliens DO qualify for a driver’s license in NC under the Deferred Action Program of the Obama Administration.

However, it is not against the law to deny them one either. Many other states do not. It is up to the State. Just because we can give them one, doesn’t mean we should give them one. A NC drivers’ license is a privilege reserved for law abiding NC residents, not a right guaranteed to law breaking illegal aliens.

A NC drivers’ license confers a “quasi” legal status. Obtaining a NC driver’s license is the first step in registering to vote. A few, very simply forged documents later and our system of voting has been compromised.

We should not be issuing drivers licenses to people who are illegally in our state.

We URGE you to contact the acting Head of the NCDMV and tell him NOT to reinstate the policy of issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens in NC.

His contact info is as follows:
Eric Boyette
Email address:
Office phone:  919-715-2349

James Johnson
North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement
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Angel Luis Martinez
Angel Luis Martinez
9 years ago

Do you eat chicken? If u do well let me tell you something about chicken. The chicken are raised for about 60 days and then they are process in plants well before those can be process they need to be picked up out of the chicken houses. The average chicken house is 600 feet long and it can contain up to 22000 chicken per house. So someone has to pick them up in one night so that’s where the ” Latino” ” illegal aliens” come in they pick up approximately 45 to 50 thousand chicken per night in 6 hours they have 8 people per crew and they do that hard work by hand and are only getting paid 70 dollars a day 35 dollar per house. So next time that you encourage the “legal” people to deny driver license or to deport the aliens make sure you are ready to make 70 dollars per night picking up chickens in the houses and also make sure that your legal people are ready as well! People like you make America look bad!