Administration Urged to Lift Restrictions on Non-Lethal Military Aid to Ukraine

Ukrainian helicopters grounded to save fuel

by Bill Gertz

The Obama administration is withholding urgently needed non-lethal military equipment to Ukraine under restrictions that view body armor, night vision goggles, radios, and fuel as destabilizing “force multipliers,” according to a bipartisan assessment of Ukraine’s military needs.

“Independent of American high-level policy, implementation of U.S. non-lethal military aid is seriously flawed and needs immediate correction,” states a report by retired Army Gen. Wesley K. Clark and former arms control official Phillip A. Karber following a visit to military units in Ukraine.

The report is significant for its bipartisanship. Clark is a former Democratic presidential candidate and retired four-star NATO commander. Karber was a strategy adviser to Reagan administration Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger.


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8 years ago

I really don’t think we need to be getting involved with so called neo-Nazis on Russias door step.