American Exceptionalism

christian mercenary
There is a valid case to be made for American Exceptionalism.  In the international industrial community, which is where I have been these many months, it is understood that it takes several men of other nations to do the work Americans do every day.  This is not due to physical strength or intelligence, it is due to the work ethic bred into us by a pioneering instinct, it is an understanding that it will take a lot of work to make something out of nothing and we have the will and the persistence to get it done.  In other nations the caste system tells people who they will be from the moment of their birth, until the day of their death.  With that knowledge they lack inspiration, lack motivation and lack the individual vigor to take great feats upon themselves.  It is somewhat the same structure we abandoned when we broke from Great Britain.
Being an American is special, less so today because of our leadership, Democratic and Republican.  In fact, the flaws that present themselves in our government did not arise out of the people, who were often too busy managing their own affairs to care much about what went on in Philadelphia and later Washington. But it was the mismanagement of the politicians, their thirst for power and their desire for influence that broke the American system.  From the moment of its inception the Constitution was being undermined by those who saw in it a way to greater stature and power, ever controlling more and more of their own spheres until they encroached on everyone else’s.
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6 years ago

TL is the modern Thomas Paine. Did he speak at Patcon ? Hope it was recorded if so.

John K.
John K.
6 years ago

Well written, Sir. The trouble with a free society is that politicians are allowed to breed, ensuring that society’s eventual downfall. But, hey, it’s nice while it lasts. Unless the grid is protected against hostile takedown, EMP and CME, and the more onerous provisions of the NDAA is repealed, the other points may become purely academic.