Amnesty plan for illegals still in motion in Congress

Immigration Activists and Concerned Citizens,

Before you read the below, checkout this link to show how U.S. companies are laying off citizens, but pressing for more immigration:

While the budget and Obamacare battles go on, there is a plan brewing in the US House of Representatives to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.  We must zero-in on several US House members from North Carolina and a couple of the US House leaders.

Note that President Obama has shutdown access to War Memorials and other Memorials in Washington, DC but just yesterday allowed an illegal immigrant protest on the National Mall in DC with the Park Police to guard them.   Congressman Gutierrez of Illinois said immigrants need rights (but legal immigrants already have rights)…….not a word was spoken about illegals taking jobs and public services that belong to our working poor and unemployed citizens.  A number of illegals openly protested.

CONTACT THE FOLLOWING FEW MEMBERS OF CONGRESS from North Carolina that our enemies think are weak and might go for an amnesty:

(see down below what to say to them)

Congressman George Holding:

(Holding is on the US House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration)

He restricts who can email him, so call him at one of these numbers:

His Raleigh, NC office –  (919) 782-4400 or


(202) 225-3032 at his Washington, DC office

Congressman Richard Hudson:

He restricts who can email him, so call him at one of these numbers:

His Concord, NC office –  (704) 786-1612 or


(202) 225-3715 at his Washington, DC office

Congresswoman Renee Ellmers:

She restricts who can email her, so call her at one of these numbers:

Toll free to her Dunn, NC office –  (877) 645-8764 or

(202) 225-4531 at her Washington, DC office


Congressman Bob Goodlatte:

(Goodlatte from Virginia is Chairman of the US House Judiciary committee, the most important committee on immigration)

Email him at:

or call him at (202) 225-5431 at his Washington, DC office

Congressman Paul Ryan:

(he is a powerful House leader from Wisconsin)

He restricts who can email him, so call him at this number:

(202) 225-3031 at his Washington, DC office

Tell all of these members of Congress that any “pathway to legal work status or pathway to citizenship” for illegal alien immigrants is bad for unemployed citizens and bad for our nation.  There are still 20 million citizens who are either unemployed or want but cannot find a full-time job.  Sign Congressman Steve Stockman’s letter to Speaker Boehner (bay-ner) that says NO Conference with any US Senate immigration bill.  Democrats such as Nancy Pelosi want the US House to pass immigration legislation and then conference with the US Senate on their existing amnesty bill to result in amnesty legislation.  We want NO conference with the US Senate on immigration.  Let’s enforce our existing immigration laws for a start.

Thank you and send this email to your friends and associates.


Ron Woodard



(919) 460-8156

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