An Analysis of How The Votes Were Weighted Against Trump

Final hijacked state is 287,424 total votes. 242,434 Biden, 42,109 Trump, Net gain 200,325

Final hijacked state is 14.65% Trump.

All hijacked precincts after release report: 93,327 Trump out of 504,700.
That is 18.49%, if we subtract the hijacked votes from the final aggregate state
we get: 51,218 Trump out of 217,276, which is 23.57% Trump.

That the final hijacked state of all precincts can have their total votes changed to a uniform number, such as 20,000 total votes per precinct, and the percentage remains the same (14.65%), which is proof that a simple linear algebra algorithm was adjusting requisite precinct totals against a flat polarized template.

The precincts seized more than once were most likely to be early in alphanumeric order, proving the software takes the first available precinct from an ordered alphanumeric list by County, Precinct.

1: There are 371 unique precincts were this investigation.
2: There are 182 unique precincts involved in more than one ratio transfer.
3: There are 217 unique ratios were transferred.

4: That…
A: Clayton County has only 2 precincts in multi ratio transfers.
B: That Dekalb has 19 precincts in multi transfers.
C: That Fulton boasts a staggering 157 precincts in multi ratio transfers.
D: That Gwinnett has only 3 precincts in multi ratio transfers.

5: In accordance to the Mothersheet and the original SCYTL and NYT Data, there are 1041 total precincts
6: In accordance to the Mothersheet and the original SCYTL and NYT Data, there are 12681 unique overall ratios.

7: That 1.71% of the unique ratios are confirmed, post analysis and investiation, to be true positives, that no false positives were caught, nor any false negatives ignored.

That of these 1.71% of the ratios, (217/12681), 246 precincts from Fulton are involved (66.30% of all precincts caught), and 71 precincts from DeKalb (19.13% of all precincts caught are involved.

8: That DeKalb has 190 precincts from the original database; that Fulton has 383 precincts on the from the original database. Furthermore that this means 37.3% of DeKalb’s precincts are involved, and likewise that 64.2% of Fulton’s precinctswere involved, and that this “Ratio Transfer” phenomenon does not even occur once in several of the counties in the Mothersheet (Rockdale and Newton), only twice in Henry County, and only 6 times in Cobb, which itself has over 100 precincts (thus less than 6% of its precincts have been flagged. Which is ten times as many less than Fulton’s by proportion).”

9: (Explained in video):

That a distinct Wheel Number of 2231 was found, such that the virtual precincts were divided into 23 branches with 97 leaves; all wheel numbers above 2231 fail catastrophically (with polynomial increases of failure in the immediate range above 2231) until the trivial limit at the highest recorded denominator of 3784 (Fulton Precinct AP01A, November 5th, 21:16 AM).

10: That the fraud is proven by the fact that all hijacked precincts in their final states can be filled with the same number of votes per precincts, and it equals the same flip of trump to total (confirming a live algorithm was balancing the zero point average from a blank template using equal weight on each precinct).


I hope that his testimony is more succinct than this video. Go to minute 69 to start.

David DeGerolamo

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