An Incorrect Assumption

An interesting opinion from the Smoky Mountain News:

“I will be voting only for Republicans. That’s my goal in November from President Trump down to county commissioner, top to bottom, I am there to vote for and get Republicans into office,” she said. “Lynda Bennett is not a Republican. Lynda Bennett is a Tea Party fringe candidate. I listed off for you all of the organizations and groups that I’ve worked with for Republicans for well over a decade, and Lynda Bennett has never been part of any of those. Lynda Bennett has hired and surrounded herself locally only with Tea Party members. It’s her only endorsement in NC11.”


I have written previously about the three factions comprising the Tea Party movement:

  1. TEA Party – individuals who feel that working Americans pay too much in taxes. Their TEA stands for Taxed Enough Already. The best known example of this was Asheville TEA Party. Their main focus is personal finances, not public virtue.
  2. Tea Party Republicans – The Republican party quickly saw an opportunity to use the Tea Party movement to advance their political agenda. Groups were co-opted and became little more than Republican fronts to promote the party and individual political ambitions. Lynda Bennett was the poster child for this example and her actions destroyed the Haywood County 912 Group.
  3. The last and smallest portion of the Tea Party (and 912 Groups) were people who were sapient and saw that our country was in serious trouble. They wanted to put us back to our foundational principles.

Lynda Bennett did not lose the primary because she was endorsed by Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan, GRNC, Asheville TEA PAC or other partisan hacks looking to share perceived power. She lost because her actions within the Haywood County 912 exposed her political ambitions, poor character and low intellect.

To be clear, Lynda lost because of the Tea Party in WNC. Asheville TEA PAC was not an endorsement but an attempt to ingratiate into the new perceived power. Jane Bilello’s misuse of Asheville TEA Party/PAC was part of the collusion to insert a candidate instead of electing a candidate. Jane’s actions have marginalized the Asheville TEA Party and PAC.

The initial comment above concerning Lynda Bennett’s support by the fringe Tea Party is incorrect. The Tea Party that comprised the smallest portion as outlined in item 3 above played a large part in Lynda Bennett’s defeat. Lynda Bennett’s actions over the past ten years have caught up with here.

David DeGerolamo

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Rabbi will McCubbins
Rabbi will McCubbins
1 year ago

Great analysis David! And mazel tov to you guys for defeating Bennett !

1 year ago

Local Patriots determine Who represents them. Then we work into the State or Federal Government to ensure local voices are heeded.
Good job in WNC!!!