An Observation or Two on Jab Mandates

This weekend we went on a hike with the wife’s BFF and fam.  The hubby, with an air of devotion to the Covidian Cultagain wore his “Science will win” shirt (above the pharma company logo), which was the subject of discussion by he, his wife, and my wife at lunch.  I kept my mouth shut.  Not that I agreed with a word of the discussion, of course.  Why silent?  I had recently been reminded of an expression that I thought had tremendous import:

You cannot make a man see something when his income depends on his not seeing it.

And this guy’s income (not to mention profit-sharing, which I will guess will be monstrous-big), absolutely depends on his not seeing any risk at all with The Jab.  During a discussion a day or so prior he said he’d volunteered his own progeny to be guinea pigs for his employer to test the Jab at younger ages but they weren’t selected.  The BFF wants to travel, and so has zero objection to synthesized genetic material being injected so she can get on a plane and traaaaavel.  (In parallel, another parent whose kid is a friend of our kids’ cannot wait until the age is dropped so their kid can get the Jab as well… though to cede a point, that parent’s spouse is from India and has had so many calls from there about yet another dead relative they dreaded – and still dread – answering any call from “back home”.) 

I am not proud of this moment, but I had a momentary flash of white-hot ill will towards all their children, wishing that they develop some kind of permanent – possibly even lethal – side effect within days or even hours of getting the Jab.  Understand, they’re all great kids, and I don’t want the stupidity of their parents visited on them.  But the parents have survived their Jabs, and time is ticking away on approval for younger kids.  The same is true for a flash of raw hate for the parents at the same time – looking at them, preening with self-smugness at their fellow cult members, I looked at them and really hoped that ADE would catch up with them or, having to have their boosters, would have an adverse reaction. Or catch a truly wild version and die, despite their vaccination, as the animals in testing did.


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NC Rob
NC Rob
1 month ago

Oh they have everything covered….but when we have nothing left to lose can we all please agree on go time?