An Update on Immigration Reform in North Carolina

Concerned Citizens and Immigration Reformers,

The fourth “Role in Immigration” NC House committee hearing yesterday at the NC General Assembly was a big disappointment.   First of all the committee allowed three known illegal immigrants (one former, two current) to give their opinion on OUR state laws.  There was no requirement for citizens-only to be allowed to speak.  A Consul official from the Mexican Consulate was invited to speak but did not attend.  This is just political correctness ad nauseam.

You won’t believe this but remember Uriel Alberto, the illegal immigrant arrested one month ago for disorderly conduct due to disrupting/shouting/jeering the previous/third “Role in Immigration” NC House committee hearing, well he was back again at the hearing yesterday — free as a butterfly because ICE let him out on bail.  He kept quiet but the fact that he again appeared as an illegal in the audience and was counted by the media as a supporter for the illegal alien side of the discussion is a further outrage.  But Uriel had little to fear and I would still bet money he won’t be deported when he eventually goes to court.   Uriel makes a mockery of our Rule of Law in America each minute he remains in the USA.

I need to make an important point — the NC House committee has only delayed their decision to pass further state immigration enforcement legislation until some of the other state court cases [Arizona, Utah, etc] are reviewed by the US Supreme Court.  Again I am disappointed and frustrated by this, but there is still strong evidence we will have more North Carolina state immigration enforcement legislation passed.  In the short term at least one of the two bills pending from the 2011 NCGA session has no text in it that is being reviewed by the US Supreme Court.  There is no reason to delay it.

I will be pressing these issues and following them closely.   When I need and ask for your help, you will need to respond.  More to follow.

We need to keep the heat on and show the NC General Assembly that citizens want continued action against illegal immigration in ways the State can take action.


Ron Woodard

Ofc: (919) 460-8156   

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9 years ago

I agree, every liberal clergy got picked to speak.


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