An Update on this Year’s Efforts to Hold a Convention of States by Publius Huldah

Dear Constitution Defenders,

We hope you’re enjoying the holidays. Thanks so much for all your letters during 2018.

In 2018, COSP totally struck out–in at least 20 states, and there will be a few more closing by December 31st–so they failed in every state they tried! Wolf-PAC is up to 16 failed states with none passing. Term limits failed in nine states and  passed in two, but we didn’t count them because those states already passed term limits within their COSP applications. BBA failed in all 7 states they tried in 2018 and remain at 28 (it would have been 32 without the rescissions in 2017 and 2016–yikes!). 

And we helped kill a couple of very dangerous delegate bills in VA and TN. Had they passed, they likely would have been used as models to get con-con applications passed all over the country.

COSP seems desperate, and hasn’t let up sending out propaganda and requests for money almost daily, despite a horrible year for them.  So get ready to be slammed in 2019!  

We don’t think that 2019 will be easy for us or for the convention lobby.  

Mark Meckler’s latest moving prediction is that they’ll finish getting their last 22 states in 2019 and 2020; and get their convention in 2021.  But during 2013, he predicted they’d have their convention by 2016.  

Please do your best to keep up with the blasts and write letters during 2019–it’s so important — our letters are working and our Constitution depends upon it

Remember that you can copy and paste the addresses in the blocks provided in the blast alert.  Once you have worked out a basic letter, it takes just a few minutes to copy and paste a block of addresses onto your bcc line.   Then you can “forward” that same letter [being sure to remove the “forward” language from the subject line; and the “From/To/Subj” paragraph at the top of the letter]. Then you can copy and paste the next group of addresses onto the bcc line, etc.  Once you have a routine worked out, you can send out emails to all legislators listed quickly.    

PH’s most recent article (below) explains clearly why COSP shouldn’t be getting away with saying there are two Constitutions. US Supreme Court Opinions don’t become part of the Constitution – yet COSP is absurdly claiming we need a convention so we can amend out the bad Supreme Court Opinions!  

I’m (Judi Caler) just finishing an article on all the propaganda we’ve seen coming from COSP in the past couple of years (fake signatures, phony polls, etc.). I’ll send it out when it’s published–in the next couple of weeks.

Andy Carver, who joined our team about a year ago, has written an excellent article on why “faithful delegate” bills are such a joke (below).

The Legislatures will start opening next week, and by the end of January, a majority will be open.

 Let’s go get ’em again in 2019!

Have a great new year!

Judi, Andy, Betty, Cathy, and Publius

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I am not Cory Booker
I am not Cory Booker
3 years ago

Whats the point? We haven’t used our Constitution since 1860.