And It’s Not Even Monday Yet

A Super-Contagious New COVID-19 Strain Overshadows ...

Another “new” and more contagious strain of COVID-19 has been “discovered” in Japan. Ever wonder why hydroxychloroquine is not being distributed worldwide since it has now been recognized as the leading prophylactic treatment for SARS-COV?

David DeGerolamo


Just As COVID Vaccine Found To Be 99% Effective In Preventing Death, Japan Discovers New, More Contagious Strain

Reuters reported that Chief Cabinet Secretary Katsunobu Kato told reporters that 91 infections were documented in the Kanto area of eastern Japan and two other cases were discovered at airports.

Of course, the latest and greatest covid strain had be scary enough to be even scarier than whatever prevailing mutant forms are currently out there, and sure enough…

“It may be more contagious than conventional strains, and if it continues to spread domestically, it could lead to a rapid rise in cases,” Kato said.

The variant has a mutation on the spike protein that could lower the efficacy of vaccines. The National Institute of Infectious Diseases said that the variant appears to have originated overseas, but it is different from other variants circulating in Britain, South Africa and Brazil.


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Lori G
2 months ago

Covid is already very contagious…who cares? The key is lethality, and no one is saying it is more lethal.

2 months ago

Last week, I spent 3 days in the hospital from a shortness of breath issue. It was not bad, but when I exerted myself I knew something wasn’t right. To preface this, I had procedures on both knees in Jan (right knee) and Feb (left knee) to correct a torn meniscus in both.
Anyway, after a CT scan it was determined that I had pulmonary embolisms (clots) in both lungs due to the surgeries.
While in the emergency room before being admitted, they also did a nostril swab “quick” Covid test. One short hour later they tell me I’m positive for Covid. No symptoms (other than the shortness of breath). This was almost a week ago. My wife is not sick, I’m not sick, and my youngest daughter who was also exposed is not sick. However, she is missing work because she told him she was around her father who tested positive.
During my “lockdown” in the hospital in my DefCon 4 hospital room I did research and found that hospitals are still getting fed $’s for Covid admitted patients until 12/31/21. I believe $14,000 just for admission and another $15,000 if you go on a ventilator.
I’ll never know the truth but, I am 99.99% certain I do not have Covid and this is yet another money scam.

matthew w
2 months ago
Reply to  Brewer55

If they did not test your viral load, then they can’t confirm you were sick with the China Wuhan Virus.
Testing to date is horrifically inaccurate.
Shocking to find out that “positive tests” or “case counts” go up when the taxpayers are paying a premium for hospitals handling China Wuhan Virus patients.

Laura McDonough
Laura McDonough
2 months ago

A bio weapon with no ending and constant mutating.

matthew w
2 months ago

Just how quickly can they determine that it’s more contagious?

2 months ago

(sigh) typically…if it’s more contagious, it’s less deadly. and that’s going to be hard to do since the original virus is less than 1% lethal.
it’s not about health, it’s about control. at this point, it has become aparant that civil disobediance is a duty.

matthew w
2 months ago
Reply to  xtron

BINGO !!!!!!!!!!!!