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Max + Ivan

Many of you may not have heard of Max Velocity or his novels. Many of his ideas in his article below may seem strange at first. But only because he presents an honest assessment of life in our country. At least those who understand what Liberty means. I ask that you read the whole article and consider how much we have lost. Then consider if you will participate in restoring rightful Liberty. I often wonder what the Constitution would have been if Thomas Jefferson had not been “exiled” to France. I also wonder how long our country would have lasted if Thomas Jefferson had not been President and put our government back on track.

Max makes great points and I agree with them. As always, will you become sentient and act or wallow in apathy? I will no longer participate in this “appropriate police state based on thuggery”. This means that I am not registered to vote. People tell me that this means that I have given up. It really means that I have woken up and understand that voting is not the solution. Anyone who is voting for the lesser of two evils is maintaining and supporting tyranny. And our continued enslavement. I put forth that those who continue to put their faith in the ballot box instead of action are the ones who have “given up”.

I will add one thing to the top of the list of action: Got Faith?

David DeGerolamo

Rightful Liberty and ‘Standing Up’

“Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”

Thomas Jefferson

For a while now I have avoided any kind of ‘political’ post on the basis that I have been keeping my head low as a tactical training school. You know, the priority is training and being available as a trainer and all that. I find myself unable to do that any longer. I have also eschewed any kind of ‘leadership’ role up to this point. Well, this post isn’t about being a leader, but I am more than willing to stand up as necessary, even if it is just to be the nail that gets hammered down (and anyway, there really isn’t anything to lead, as such).

I’m going to jot a few thoughts down in this post:


h/t WRSA

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7 years ago

I totally agree with his post but I also think we are past the tipping point in so many ways. The abuse of the Constitution, our fiscal situation, government agencies out of control and on and on. I don’t see a way back to the original intent of the founders through civil disobedience. Armed disobedience will only get a lot of good people killed who will be needed after it all collapses. I didn’t feel this strongly about being over the tipping point till the Supreme Court gave their approval on Obamacare. The feds control everything and now free speech has been destroyed through the rights war with political correctness. What they couldn’t legislate they obtained through the media. Once we (as a nation) lost our moral fiber we’ve been cast adrift to be controlled by the socialists.

7 years ago

Good stuff, David. If Max is saying, as I surmise, that it’s time to risk being the target for their “fire-breath”, rather than go about hoping not to rouse that dragon, I couldn’t agree more.

You were missed in Tarboro.

7 years ago

Rather than merely post it; I’m going to do more “standing up” where I am. Which, by the way, is ironically more difficult (for me) than doing so in cyberspace. Frankly, I know a certain church that has wallowed too long in its own little government-approved comfort zone.

No one that I know of begrudged you your absence, but your ears might have burned a wee bit when Tom and I ran out of other things to talk about, we being the only ones there on Thursday night.

(Aside) He gets my nomination for first speaker on next May’s PATCON list for his dissertation on Pressure-Washing Rhetorical Ebola Vomit (his presentation didn’t have a title, so that’s the one I’m giving it).

Slainte, sir.