And They Promised Us the World

I remember how the issue of homelessness was solved overnight: Bill Clinton was elected President. The media instantly stopped reporting on this issue. Now that President Trump is in office, the old canard is back in vogue.

Fact: You cannot buy success, it is earned. Entitlements and privilege have brought the country to its knees as Cloward-Piven has achieved its intended goal.

David DeGerolamo

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4 years ago

So … lemme get this in perspective …

About two dozen homeless people went to REI and bought identical red tents … and are so obsessive-compulsive that they erected them up on nearly perfect rectilinear layout on the lawn

… yeah, right. Wanna talk about that bridge I have for sale ??

4 years ago

you are right but even with Cloward and Piven the Democratic/ Republicrat communist Marxists will pay a deep, deep price in our nation for what they have done.