Another Clean Sweep for North Carolina

Both Richard Burr and Thom Tillis voted to keep the “Patriot” Act in place. Is anyone really surprised? So why did Republicans continue to vote for Rino?

David DeGerolamo

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6 years ago

That’s particularly the reason why I will not be casting my votes for the 2016 election for any of these frauds, these two have body odor and stink like demo-rats and we can not tell the difference anymore. The deomo-rat party is the party of pimps and republic-rats are there WHORES and The demo-rats PIMP them off. There is only one party now and these liars, cheats and frauds do not represent our values and nations true laws, these are unconstitutionalists and they hate that document with a passion, there good little demo-rat foot soldiers.
this should make ones blood boil.

Average Joe
Average Joe
6 years ago

Why? Because the frogs have yet to realize their collective ass is being cooked.