Another Consequence of the High Price of Gasoline

Iraq’s oil revenue has experienced an unexpected “surge” in profits. What is the first thing that Iraq bought with their windfall profits? Eighteen F-16 fighter jets from the United States. Although this deal was temporarily postponed due to the Arab Spring, it is now finalized.

Why was the deal postponed due to the Iranian sponsored Muslim Brotherhood’s insurrections? Why is the United States re-arming Iraq?  A second order for 18 fighters  will give Iraq one of the most advanced air forces in the Middle East. The consequences of advanced fighter jets in the hands of a Muslim nation after we leave at the end of the year have hopefully been considered by our military and government.

David DeGerolamo

Iraq Completes Deal to Buy F-16s

Iraq has finalized a deal to buy advanced U.S. fighter jets, the first step toward building a modern postwar air force, officials said.

Iraq has yet to publicly announce completion of the deal to buy 18 F-16s, but officials in Washington said an initial payment of $1.5 billion has been received.

The deal is considered sensitive in Iraq, and the Pentagon and State Department have declined to comment until Baghdad makes a formal announcement. Iraq had plans to buy the planes earlier this year, but froze them for a time following the Arab Spring protests across the region.

The decision by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to go forward with the purchase followed an unexpected surge in government oil revenue, officials said.


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