Another Definition of Insanity

At what point will people come to the realization that the stock market, bond market and precious metals exchanges are being manipulated? The NYSE is reaching new highs daily on bad economic news. I would have expected all bank stocks to drop based on the probabilities of bank runs and bail ins. The news that Obama is salivating over confiscating taxing people’s retirement accounts should have been another sign for people to get out of the 1’s and 0’s.

I guess people still want to believe.

David DeGerolamo

Dow Jones At New All Time Highs – Here’s Why

Curious why the Dow Jones Industrial Average just hit new all time highs? Here’s a partial list of recent economic events:

  • Markit US PMI    Miss
  • ISM Manufacturing    Miss
  • ISM New York    Miss
  • Vehicle Sales    Miss
  • ADP Employment    Miss
  • ISM Services    Miss
  • Challenger Job Cuts     Miss
  • Initial Claims    Miss
  • Trade Balance    Beat
  • Non-Farm Payrolls    Miss
  • Hourly Earnings    Miss
  • NFIB Small Business    Miss
  • Wholesale Inventories    Miss


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