Another Nudge

I know that if I ask the Lord for help, he will provide. This does not mean materialistic possessions: it means directing my path and spiritual growth.  How does this work? Most of the time, I am given what I call nudges (the good kind). For the past two months, my nudges from multiple sources have been stories concerning Bosnia while it was under siege.

The lessons that are being shown to me are simple:

1. Prepare – food, water, fuel sources, books, ammunition and firearms.

2. Family – prepper groups are good; extended family groups are better.

3. Security and communications – finalize your installations now.

4. As shown below (another nudge), the importance of faith is paramount.

Although I listed faith last, it is the most important point. By far. One of my recent nudges was a personal reorganization in my life which consolidated people of faith and removed those who do not have faith. Why did this happen? Faith will separate us in the future from those who will do “anything” to survive. They will rationalize their actions, regardless of the Lord’s judgment. It will separate men and women with Sacred honor from those who will become animals.

David DeGerolamo

Faith and religion during my fight for survival

I had many questions and comments about faith, religion and God. I did not answer many of them with too much details just because usually this would have started discussions without too much connection to survival, but with lots of hate and anger.

Today I want to talk a bit about this.

Of course faith and religion played big part of survival when SHTF, but maybe not like most of the people would guess.

One of the questions that I had few times is „did the folks who had faith cope better with everyday problems?“ Answer is probably „yes, most of them“.

But I also must say that lots of people who had lots of faith and were good folks died with terrible deaths too.

I knew more than one man, some whole families who died, or lost family members simply because they had attitude „it is gonna be what God wants it to be, and we can not do too much“.

I always preferred attitude that „ I ll do whatever I could and rest is not in my hands anyway“.


h/t Brock T

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