Last week I posed a series of Questions and threw them out there to the public. Here…

While it Generated a great deal of discussion one answer kept coming from almost everyone.

Nothing will happen because Americans are Fat,Happy,Lazy and Entertained.

So we are back to the old saying it is going to have to get worse before it gets better.

As T.L. stated I don’t know what triggering event will bring us together on these issues. The trouble with independent thinkers is that they tend to have a wide and diverse set of conditions upon which they will act, making cooperative action nearly impossible. Some will not act at all. Some will act too soon and simply become a martyr without a discernible cause. But, we have to start somewhere, sometime…don’t we?

There has to be a better answer.


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2 years ago

It is the nature of man to seek a better answer; but only the wisdom gained through submission to Christ which enables us to know when we have found the right answer.

For everything there is a season — as even He said to us, “But now I tell you, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise a scrip; and he that hath not, let him sell his cloak, and buy a sword. For I say to you, that this that is written must yet be fulfilled in me: And with the wicked was he reckoned. For the things concerning me have an end.” Luke 22:36~37

This, at the apex of His ministry on Earth, as He submitted to the ultimate sacrifice for us, where also He said, “behold, the hand of him that betrayeth me is with me on the table. And the Son of man indeed goeth, according to that which is determined: but yet, woe to that man by whom he shall be betrayed.” Luke 22:21~22

We live in a time when wickedness and righteousness have been substituted one for the other, and where the loathing of the people has indeed been turned against all which is True, good, and beautiful. Thus did He warn us that among the wicked would we be reckoned along with Him, should we adhere to His teaching.

The valid purpose of dialog is to move closer to the Truth. [Saint Paul of the Cross] Every other direction leads to error and profanes the Truth. To demand an ongoing “dialog” of error is to deny the very notion of objective Truth, and therefore is synonymous with the waging of war against God.

That which is written must come, as in the time of the first betrayal, but woe to them by which it comes; and their end is written and sealed, even as surely as the ends of the righteous and obedient is written and sealed.

We have been warned…