Appalachian Network PATCON – Charley Hogwood: Disaster Psychology

This is a portion of Charley’s presentation on Disaster Psychology at the Appalachian Network PATCON. I believe this is the most important aspect of group dynamics. Attitude and misunderstandings concerning goals/leadership are always the causes of groups falling apart. After discussing this presentation further with Charley, we have decided to expand the presentation and add scenarios to a full day course that will be offered after the holidays.

This will be the only portion of Charley’s presentation that will be published from the PATCON.

David DeGerolamo

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Daniel Salmon
Daniel Salmon
2 years ago

Our group does not suffer from lack of hard training, goal awareness or leadership as much as new growth in numbers. Why men who see and fail to join in solidarity is beyond me. There is much talk but then…crickets. Nothing hot-off-the-press here, of course. I suspect the naive better-halves nestled comfortably at home are applying pressure as usual. “Why are you hanging with a bunch of macho gun-toting weekend warriors thinking America is being overrun. This does not make me happy boo-hoo?”
It seems there are very few real men left in this country who understand what has been heading our way and is closer than ever. Trump is a good man but he will not stop what is coming. This is no time to stand on trifles in some imagined comfort zone. It’s time to start dragging your nuts across the floor.