Appalachian Network PATCON – Hans Mentha

Topic: Rightful Liberty and Common Law

Thank you for your interest in my talk.  This presentation was one of many in a very full weekend agenda:  Schedule: PATCON 29 September 2018

I am passionate about subject of Rightful Liberty and Common Law.  That, however, may not be apparent due to glaring deficiencies in my skills as a public speaker.

The core message: a return to common law is a necessary prerequisite to re-establish a culture of liberty.

PDF files of this presentation and the script are available below the video.

Hans Mentha – Presentation (PDF)

Hans Mentha – Speakers Notes (PDF)

Getting this message out to the broadest audience is important.

I grant permission for others to deliver this presentation using the speakers notes … with the following respectful request … please:

  1. credit me as the source of this talk, but encourage your audience to pursue attribution for content from my prior essays
  2. attempt to deliver in the spirit of my love for liberty and common law
  3. create a comment (in the area below) which documents the audience, venue, date, and includes contact information for the presenter

Several of my earlier essays on the subject of liberty and common law, which contain relevant bibliographies and attribution, can be found through links on the “bio” page for this conference topic: CLICK HERE

Best Regards,

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[…] Common law and liberty are complementary aspects of a functional society.  This was covered in detail at the fall PATCON. […]