Appalachian Redoubt from an Intelligence Perspective

by Sam Culper

A couple weeks ago at the NC PATCON, I moderated a very abbreviated discussion of the Appalachian Redoubt. There was some really good input, however, we didn’t get the opportunity to finish the discussion points. So I’d like to open the floor up to everyone’s input.

From an intelligence standpoint, I like the Appalachian Redoubt not because it’s a particularly great option but because it’s the best option east of the Mississippi. I used to view Texas in a similar light, however, I think it’s now apparent that Texas stands a real chance of being turned blue. Frankly, as Texas goes, so goes America. At a strategic level, if Texas becomes a democrat state through immigration reform and the creation of 10-30MM new Americans, it’s difficult to see how we’ll ever have another Republican president, maybe within my lifetime. I think that’s the last nail in the Republic’s coffin as national gun control legislation would be soon to follow. (The national popular vote was within five million, and the Texas vote was within 1.2MM.)

At any rate, I’m attracted to the Appalachians for the same reasons I’m drawn to the Mountain West, and ultimately why I decided to make the Mountain West my home a few years ago.

So I’ve come up with the top five factors with intelligence requirements that need to be discussed and answered if you’re going to build the Appalachian Redoubt. I love the idea and I’ll support the mission as best I can. (And, really, these factors apply to any Redoubt or retreat location.)


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