Appeal to the international community to avoid bloodshed in Egypt

Dr. Ashraf Ramelah

According to public statements, three days from today, on July 19th, the Muslim Brotherhood will begin attacks against Egypt’s military compounds, military personnel, government buildings, and soft targets (houses, stores, and churches) in order to recover and secure their power over Egypt—then reinstate Mohammad Morsi as President.

Muslim Brotherhood leader, Al Baltaghy, announced a few days ago from the Al Adawiya podium where supporters are still gathered to request Morsi’s return, that Friday,Ramadan the 10th, will be the day to take back Egypt—exactly like the attempt made to liberate Sinai from Jewish occupation on this sameRamadan date back in 1973 led by Anwar Sadat on October 6th.

From the same stage, Mohammad Hassan Hamaad, communications director of the Muslim Brotherhood, used the metaphor, “second legitimate crossing,” referring to the West-East crossing of the Suez Canal by the Egyptian army on Ramadan years earlier.  Evoking history, Hamaad advocates aggression for success in returning elected President Morsi to office. Adding to Hamaad, Al Baltaghy stated, “We will not accept any kind of negotiation, and Morsi is the only one that has the right as the elected President to negotiate once he is back in his valid position as President of the country.”

Pathological lies from the Muslim Brotherhood leadership


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