Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting Now Available for Download

Applied Ballistics Long-Range Shooting Ebook

Applied Ballistics, LLC proudly announces the eBook release of Bryan Litz’s most popular and comprehensive volume on long-range ballistics, Applied Ballistics for Long-Range Shooting – Second Edition.

The second edition of the book includes two additional chapters covering extended long-range shooting and monolithic bullets.

Available now on Amazon “Applied Ballistics of Long Range Shooting 2nd Edition-eBook” ( ) , Litz’s in-depth look at long-range ballistics dispels the myths typically associated with the craft, and applies science in a format everyone can understand.

Litz takes the context of the book one step further, by including actual data from personal tests using the same methods on over 200 long range bullets; making the book an inarguable resource for any long range shooter thanks to its objective approach in comparing different elements.


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