Are You Still Beating Your Wife?

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When asked the question “Are you still beating your wife”, any response is incorrect. This is the same logic being used by the pResident in a brilliantly orchestrated strategy at the border to collapse our country’s security and economy. There is no need to speculate on the reasons for the federal government’s motives: we all know the end result is tyranny.

As documented earlier, “our government” solicited escorts for unaccompanied illegal alien children in January 2014. The fallout of this invasion is a breakdown of national security, increased spending and an outcry from the pResident for immigration reform by executive mandate. The brilliance of this attack is that no one wants to be seen as being against children. Who would want to stand up and state publicly that we should let these children starve? And the pResident requests more money $60,000 per child) to provide care for these “refugees”.

How can any one of faith not help “widows and orphans” as the Bible teaches us? And that is the point: there is no correct answer to this manufactured crisis by the government. These children may be pawns but our options are limited since the government is encouraging more children to come in. Along with criminals and terrorists.

How much longer will this overt operation continue? How much longer will we stand by and watch our nation destroyed from within by domestic enemies? It appears that our patience is unlimited as we watch our elected representatives to the Republic do nothing.

David DeGerolamo

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