Arizona Governor Vetoes Sex Ed Bill That Would Crack Down on ‘LGBTQ’ Content

Governor Doug Ducey responds to Arizona being ninth highest state in the nation with COVID-19 ...

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey (R-Ariz.) vetoed a bill on Tuesday that would have severely restricted the contents of sex education in the state’s public school systems, as reported by AZ Central.

Senate Bill 1456, sponsored by State Senator Nancy Barto (R-Ariz.), was widely supported by Republicans but opposed by Democrats. The bill would have implemented heavy restrictions on the inclusion of content relating to gay or “transgender” aspects of sex, including AIDS and “gender identity.” Critics falsely claim that such a bill would violate the “civil rights” of “transgender” people, those who suffer from a mental illness where they believe themselves to be of the opposite gender.

But upon vetoing the bill, Ducey subsequently issued an executive order directing any public schools to give notice of their intentions to use such curriculum before actually implementing it. Among other provisions, school systems must make any and all materials related to such curriculum available for public review for at least 60 days, and must allow public hearings on any such proposals.


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Truth in Tension
Truth in Tension
27 days ago

Once again they betray us.

Dana Henry
Dana Henry
27 days ago

Crap like this is why we can expect and deserve the wrath of God on the entire nation.