Armored Surveillance Trucks To Roam Florida Neighborhoods

by Brandon Smith

Skeptics and statist lemmings will argue that this surveillance truck changes little in the way of privacy invasion, simply because America’s streets are already littered with CCTV cameras.  This, however, is not the point.  The point is that the “We Are Watching You” truck is an escalation of the police state in general.  We did not always have surveillance cameras on every street corner.  We did not need facial recognition software monitoring our every move.  And, we will not need roaming spy trucks and drones on our roads and in our skies either.  Tyranny does not establish itself overnight; it creeps into our lives one small step at a time.  We accept each step, telling ourselves it will be the last, or that it is not much worse than the step before, until, finally, we have nothing left and the world of Big Brother is entrenched all around us…


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8 years ago

Why is it armored?