Asheville City Council set to give mayor emergency powers; Involves curfews, alcohol, weapons

Mayor Esther E. Manheimer speaks at an Asheville City Council meeting Tuesday March 20, 2018.

City Council is set to give special powers to Mayor Esther Manheimer, a change that city legal staff say would allow a faster response to emergencies during the coronavirus pandemic.

The vote to let the mayor enact the council’s emergency powers on her own, if needed, is planned during the March 23 council meeting. The meeting is closed to public attendance for health reasons, but can be viewed online. Other items on the agenda include a vote on a $70 million River Arts District project.

“Given the need to be able to respond quickly to the threats posed by the novel corona virus known as COVID-19, it is desirable to allow the mayor to issue all regulations needed to address the outbreak via proclamation.” Senior Assistant City Attorney Eric Edgerton said in a report to the council that is part of the public meeting agenda.


h/t WNC Second Amendment Supporters

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