Assad Taunts Israel: First Russian S-300 Anti-Air Missiles Are in Syria

Hizballah fighters in al-Qusayr battle

Hizballah fighters in al-Qusayr battle

Directly taunting Israel, Syrian president Basher Assad says in an interview prerecorded for broadcast Thursday night, May 30, that the first batch of Russian S-300 anti-air missiles has arrived in Syria and a second consignment is on the way. The broadcast is scheduled to air simultaneously Thursday night over Hizballah’s Al Manar and Syrian state television channels.

The Syrian ruler was replying directly to the quote from Israel’s National Security Adviser Yakov Amidror that the S-300 batteries have not been delivered yet and when they are, Israel will destroy them.

Wednesday, May 29, DEBKAfile reported the landing at Latakia airport of a large Russian transport carrying 60 tons of unidentified freight. Labeled by Moscow “humanitarian aid,” it was in fact the first S-300 delivery to which Assad referred.

Continuing in the same vein, Assad said that not only would the Syrian army react to any further Israeli attacks, he “would not stand in the way of Syrian groups that want to fight for the liberation of the Golan.”


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[…] Assad Taunts Israel: First Russian S-300 Anti-Air Missiles Are in Syria ( […]

Gary Schnell
Gary Schnell
8 years ago

The title of this article alone tells me everything I need to know before I even read it,Which I won’t. Assad taunts “ISRAEL”? Let me see How many times have Syrian aircraft Violated Israeli airspace?,Hmmmm..NEVER! Sorry Hymie but the world at least the fair minded and honest of it see through the Zionist propaganda and you guys are falling all over yourselves to do damage control that’s laughable. hey Maybe ya might want to pull Another attack like you did on the USS Liberty,That should get those non critical thinking goy all worked up to go murder your enemies for you.You make me ill.