Attention Haters: You lost.

The Citadel project is now alive, not only as a venture, but as an ideal in the hearts and minds of Liberty-loving Americans from coast to coast.  The project has weathered first contact with ideological enemies and emerged even stronger than before, now tempered to an even stronger hardness by the fires of enemies.

Spring arrives in just about 2 months, and site development will proceed on schedule.

Enemies of Liberty: You lost.  You can’t destroy the Citadel project, because it is not about Kerodin.  Thank you for helping make the project stronger.  Thank you for helping more Patriots find the project.


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8 years ago

good -- i suspect more communities like this will sprout up. (Hopefully somewhere in a warmer climate!) One question from the article -- what/who is MBV (an organization refered to in the article)?

8 years ago
Reply to  tmedlin

There’s bad blood between Mike of Sipsey Street Irregulars and Kerodin/some of the people behind the Citadel project with both sides insisting on their own innocence. I find it better if one just sticks to the positive work of each party and ignores the bovine excrement being exchanged. I’m somewhat baffled by the skirmish being prolonged while being faced with a growing tyranny assembling a modern incarnation of the Gestapo to crush the remaining vestiges of liberty in our beleaguered country. But egos are fragile and natural reaction is to protect one’s own against any and all assault.

Again, read both sites for the positives and ignore the occasional shots and attacks and you’ll gain a lot of positive info and intelligence on the patriot/restoration movement in the country.