Augason Farms Overwhelmed by People Scrambling to Buy Food


Attention all customers,

Due to the sudden and unanticipated increase in demand for our quality food storage products, our manufacturing and shipping departments are overwhelmed and order fulfillment has fallen behind schedule. While we are doing all in our power to speed up the process, this undesirable situation may last for three weeks or more. Rest assured that we are making every effort to see that your order is filled and shipped as soon as humanly possible. In the meantime, we ask for your patience and understanding.

Effective immediately, we are requiring at least a two week lead time for fulfillment of all orders. We hope that this lag or delay can be remedied in the next three weeks.

Thank you for your cooperation and forbearance during this difficult period.


Andrew Ganon

Sales Account Manager

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Marsha Gill
Marsha Gill
6 years ago

FEMA is known to be buying up food supplies to help deplete the purchase of ordinary citizens. Detecting these folks in FEMA? Good luck.

6 years ago usually has about 110-130 emerg food items for sale. They are down to under 50 items and some of the most useful are sold out. If they aren’t on the page, they are sold out.

None of their big food packs are available. The had six or seven and had one that was over $14000 in July when I last checked.

6 years ago

Cookix: I cancelled my Costco membership right after they pulled Dinesh D’Sousa’s book. I knew they were big right winged Obamites but that broke the camel’s back and I acted accordingly.

I found Augason’s stuff at and recieved most of my order within 4 days. A 5 gal bucket of sliced potatoes is in route. They had a $20 off coupon that covered shipping. My wife has a gluten intolerance and have bought the GF from them and Numanna.