Australia gets ready for war against Asia

Australia gets ready for war against Asia. 47698.jpegEmployees of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute asked the authorities to increase defense spending. They fear the rapid growth of Asian countries, and even though Australia is now friendly with them, it is time to think about defense. What is happening in the world, if one of the most non-conflict countries in the Southern Hemisphere is preparing for war?

Not that long ago, Australian strategists announced the results of the studies of Asian region. Why would they care about Asia it would seem? The experts were afraid of the conclusions they made, and now suggest that the authorities reconsider the policy of financing the armed forces.

The intensive development of the Asian countries will inevitably lead to the emergence of geopolitical problems in whose solution the Australian army will have to participate, analysts say. Rod Lyons, a senior researcher, is confident that the state should allocate to the army at least two percent of GDP – and this is assuming that the relations with Asian countries remain peaceful and neighborly. If the situation is heated, the amount of funding should be increased to 2.5 percent of GDP.

This is quite interesting. Australia, perhaps one of the most peaceful and non-conflict countries in the Southern Hemisphere, is seriously recommended to raise the defense and the strategic power of the state with reference to the political situation in the Asian region. As early as in 2013, the “White Book” will be signed – a response to the recommendation of the analysts that will subsequently be provided to the Australian defense department for review.


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