Bank of America: the Corruption Continues

As documented previously, Bank of America’s actions against the Constitution and the American people is long. The latest scandal outlined below is a premium paid to this bank by the government “to transfer the servicing of troubled loans to another firm“.

David DeGerolamo

Fannie Mae paid BofA premium to transfer soured loans-regulator

Fannie Mae agreed to pay Bank of America Corp about 20 percent more than it was contractually obligated to last year in order to transfer the servicing of troubled loans to another firm, a report by a watchdog found.

In a report to be issued on Tuesday, the inspector general for the Federal Housing Finance Agency urges the regulator to ensure Fannie Mae applies more scrutiny to the pricing of such transactions and possibly revise its contracts with mortgage servicers.

“FHFA should ensure that Fannie Mae does not have to pay a premium to transfer inadequately performing portfolios,” the report says, referring to the regulator of Fannie Mae and sibling Freddie Mac.


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