Battlefield Biometrics


by Sam Culper III

We’ve talked a few times before about ‘Battlefield Biometrics‘, which is law enforcement forensics applied to wartime operations.  Biometric modalities like fingerprints, irises, faces and DNA have been used to identify and arrest numerous insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We know that other nations are building their biometric capabilities, and the United States is no different.

It was just the other day that we learned NSA is collecting millions of photos from the internet that are feeding their facial recognition database.

[NSA] intercepts “millions of images per day” — including about 55,000 “facial recognition quality images” — which translate into “tremendous untapped potential…”

And we would be remiss if we didn’t also include in those images all the EXIF and metadata, which contain a lot more data points in addition to the image itself.

But the point of today’s post is that researchers have discovered a way to date fingerprints.


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